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High power & therapeutic ultrasound
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Every application requires the development of the most appropriate solution. This specificity applies not only to performance needs, but also to mechanical features, implementation conditions, or even the environmental or regulatory constraints linked to the application.

In order to respond most appropriately to each need, Imasonic designs and manufactures transducers according to specifications in a wide range of frequencies ranging from 200 kHz to 10 MHz. Our approach is therefore based on the drawing up of a precise set of specifications according to the desired needs and taking into account risk analysis.

Furthermore, Imasonic has at its disposal an organization that conforms with the ISO 9001 V2000 standard. Imasonic has the capacity to industrialize the manufacturing process and to mass-produce transducers with a high level of reproducibility.


Confidentiality of information communicated with our customers is a constant concern of our team. Our default policy is to consider that any information coming from a customer, which is not in the public domain, is confidential.

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