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High power & therapeutic ultrasound
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High Power ultrasound treatment monitoring

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) applications require real time imaging for treatment monitoring. MRI and Ultrasonic Imaging are convenient means to fulfil this need.

MRI compatible HIFU transducers

MRI implies particular constraints for the transducer components and structure.
Imasonic has developed specific technological solutions to meet these constraints while keeping a high level of performances, including power, efficiency and array capability

Abdominal MRI image(right) including (in black on the left) high power ultrasonic phased array transducer with 211 channel (left)

Wideband HIFU transducers

IImasonic can to design and manufacture high power wideband transducer compatible with ultrasonic imaging requirements. The same elements can be used for both the treatment and the monitoring.

Integration of an echographic probe into a HIFU transducer

High power transducer can be mechanically designed in order to take into account the space needed for integrating a separate imaging transducer.

Concave therapy transducer with central hole for imaging probe positioning
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