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High power & therapeutic ultrasound
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Imasonic high power technology

Typical features

The figures mentioned below are indicative and shall be considered in a precise environment and for a given application.

Other important parameter, like thermal environment, acoustical coupling, duty cycle and other electrical and acoustical conditions shall be defined in order to determine the rights technological solutions and the performances the transducer should have.

Maximum acoustic power (surface)* up to 30 W/cm²
Efficiency 50 to 70%
Frequency range 200 KHz to 10 MHz
Shaping capabiliity F number down to 1/2
Size range up to 300 mm diameter
Array capability yes
Bandwidth 30 to 70%
MRI compatibility yes, on request >>

For high power and therapeutic applications Imasonic designs and produces single elements and transducer arrays including annular arrays, 1D and 1.5D linear arrays and 2D matrix arrays.
Transducers can be designed with simple housing or dedicated housing for MRI compatibility, endocavitery laparoscopic or peroperative applications.


  "New piezocomposite transducers for therapeutic ultrasound", G. Fleury, R. Berriet, O. Le Baron, B. Huguenin, Imasonic - France, 2nd ISTU Conference, 2002, Seattle USA
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