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High temperature transducers

Piezocomposite materials and high temperature

Nuclear vessel inspection transducers up to 180°C

Aircraft wings ice detection transducers
-55°C to +85°C

Flow measurement transducers : 130°C

Piezocomposite materials are made with PZT and polymer material and the curie temperature of PZT (temperature above which the piezoelectric property disappear) apply to Piezocomposite material. This temperature varies from 100°C up to 260°C depending on the PZT.

Besides to the maximum temperature, the variation speed is also a key parameter for the transducer design.
Thanks to the 1-3 structure of the piezocomposite and to the mechanical properties of the polymer, which are close to the mechanical properties of other components of the transducer (backing, front face, polymer housing..),piezocomposite transducers have a good resistance to temperature variation or thermal shocks.

Imasonic uses these properties to take up challenges of advanced applications like:

- Nuclear vessel inspection in immersion with large aperture (50mm)‘Fermat transducers up to 180°C

- Flow measurement in harsh nuclear environmental conditions (radiations, vibrations), and temperature of 130 °C in continuous

- Ice detection on aircraft wings from –55°C to 85°C with quick variations and vibrations. Our transducers still have reliable performances after 2 years equalling 5000 flights.


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