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How we manage your project

Each new transducer request is trated as a news project which, according to the appropriate process, is based on drawing up a set of specifications.
This process can be very rapid for standard transducers dedicated to known applications, or more in depth for when the transducer requires higher levels of fitness for use, as detailed below :

Design features and performance

The specifications could be a description of the transducer in terms of characteristics and performance levels, or it could describe a functional need for which IMASONIC contributes to defining the appropriate transducer(s).

Conditions of use

The installation, use, maintenance and storage conditions of the transducers can have a very large influence on their performance and their useful life, for example, in difficult industrial environments.
These must therefore be taken into account in the design of the transducers and form an integral part of the specifications.

Feasibility, validation, industrialization

The process of designing transducers also takes into account:

- The need to establish feasibility: Is it a new need ? Is the product feasible ? Can the desired performance be achieved ?

- The need for validation of the design: Can the product be guaranteed to meet the expectations of the application? How will it evolve over time under operating conditions? How can this be verified?

- The need for industrialisation: Is the product intended to be reproduced, in what quantities and with what requirements for reproducibility?

Confidence and confidentiality

In the exchanges necessary for designing products, our customers may be required to communicate confidential information.

Imasonic is organized to fully protect the confidentiality of the information received from customers, and to not disclose it. We are also accustomed to formalizing this type of undertaking through a confidentiality agreement when requested by the customer.


Imasonic stays informed and participates actively in establishing standards that directly concern the design, manufacture or characterization of ultrasonic transducers. We take full account of the requirements of the standards the customer wishes to refer to.

On the level of the transducers, IMASONIC provides assistance with making systems comply with different types of standards according to the field of activity (explosive or dangerous environment, halogen materials prohibited, etc)

Characterization reports, compliance certificates

Each transducer is identified by a unique serial number.
Each Imasonic transducer is supplied with a final control report and a compliance certificate in the light of the agreed specifications.
This report also includes all the design features of the sensors necessary for their use.


IMASONIC’s standard-offer transducers for non-destructive testing are generally guaranteed for 12 months against any defect in material or manufacture. The period can vary according to the application and, in particular, the conditions of use.
Any expert assessment of a problem is reported in writing to the customer.



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