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Circular single element transducers

This page allows to simulate the Focal distance, Lateral resolution and Depth of Field of single element transducers
This model applies for circular aperture single element transducers, with flat or spherically focused active area
See on the bottom of this page for more details on each parameter

Input parameters


Output parameters

Frequency MHz   Wavelength mm
Active diameter mm   Near Field mm
IM-15-6-F75.gif (2105 octets)
Flat active area (yes/no)

  Focal distance mm
Radius of curvature mm   Beam width (-6dB) mm
    Field depth (-6dB) from mm
Medium velocity m/s     to mm

Input parameters
Frequency Operating center frequency of the transducer
Active diameter Active diameter of the transducer
Flat active area Check if the transducer is flat
Radius of curvature Spherical concave radius of curvature of the active surface
Medium velocity Sound velocity in the medium in contact with the transducer
Output parameters
Wavelength Wavelength of the emitted beam
Near Field Near field distance
Focal distance Distance of the maximum of intensity on the beam axis
Beam width Lateral size (-6dB) of the beam in transmit/receive mode (NA=Non Applicable*)
Field depth Field depth (-6dB) of the beam in transmit receive mode
*For focused transducers, the model for beam width calculation is valid if acoustic focal distance is close to geometric focal distance (radius of curvature). NA is displayed when the result is not applicable.
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